Speaker Topics

Who Do You Think You Are!? Defining Your Personality and How You Show Up in Your World!

Have you ever been accused of not “participating” enough during team meetings? It’s not that you don’t have anything to say, but by the time you have thought about what that is, they’ve moved on or someone else said it before you.

Maybe you find yourself aggravated by your boss’s constant last-minute changes. Just when you think you have the details, they come up with more ideas that they want you to consider. The deadline is starting to feel like a moving target, and you just want it to be done!

Perhaps you’ve been accused of being too direct and not taking a more tactful approach when sharing your thoughts or opinions with others. This baffles you because you believe being fair and telling the whole truth is more helpful than giving people “fluff.”

Regardless if you are on the giving or receiving end of these scenarios, how you show up can directly impact your personal and professional life. Personality is more than being extroverted or introverted..

You will learn:

  • What energizes you
  • How you take in and process information
  • How you make decisions
  • How you approach life
The more you Learn about you, the more you can Develop who you want to be and Expand on who you can become!

So, You Think You Can Drive: Defensive Driving Strategies to Save Your Money and Your Life!

What if I told you that there are three critical skills to help you avoid most accidents on the highway? What if I told you that these three critical skills could save you wear and tear on your vehicle? What if I told you that these three critical skills could possibly save your life and/or the life of someone you love?

These three critical skills are:

  • Space
  • Visibility
  • Time

Many accidents happen because these three critical skills are lacking: there is no space, there is no visibility and there is no time to react.

As a defensive driving instructor (and recovering Road Rager) I discovered very quickly that knowing these three critical skills means nothing if you’re not willing to learn how to apply them to your daily driving habit.

In this interactive session, you will learn defensive driving strategies that will help you apply the three critical skills immediately. This session is not about teaching you “how to drive,” you do that every day. This session is about reminding you how much of your driving is a habit and giving you the skills develop consistent and conscious new habits that can save your money and your life.

This is NOT What I Signed Up For: How to Move Beyond Change to Transition

Your life is a series of events: new job, promotion, demotion, termination, marriage, new baby, divorce, new romance, illness, death, etc. Each of these events represent change. Change can happen at any time, but transition comes when one chapter of your life is over, and another is waiting in the wings. Change has the power to redefine who you are or make you lose sight of who you are. Knowing how to move beyond the change to transition empowers you to choose wisely.

In this session you will:

  • Identify the impact of your change and how to respond
  • Select the right strategies that best support your transition
  • Learn how to use the 4P’s (purpose, picture, plan, part) to accept your new beginning